Verse 1:
D                     Daug
Already scared of the winter
            D7                  D7            G
Even though summer's taking her sweet time to start
It's her manipulitive art
              D                   Daug
She's full of greed, she's such a tease
         D7             D7                G
With her neon blues and greens and sweaty palms
                Gm                            Bm
She tricks your heart into thinking that it's calm
             G                        Gm      D
But then the rain comes back like it always does

Verse 2:
D                   Daug
Every noon of every June
          D7            D7             G
I used to sit beside my windowsill and stare
          Gm                         D
Up at the grey skies she didn't even care
           Daug     D7
That I had waited, calculated
        D7                 G
All the lakes that I would swim
             Gm                Bm
And all the carnival games I'd win
                 D                             G
If it would only clear up by then, I'd lift my chin

Verse 3:
So I will try
       Daug               D7
I will wait patiently for July
Or move to somewhere with a clearer sky
       Gm               Bm
When I do, life will be yellow
                          D     G
I won't sink into the blue

So I tried
           Daug               D7
I couldn't wait patiently for July
So I moved to somewhere with a clearer sky
But when I did
I only missed the rain