Do you ever hug your scales?
Shake your tail and make a light show
Em7         A7         D
a dance of colors and hues
Well, I do
 G              Db7
Here, right before your eyes
    D             Gb
a bright kaleidoscope surprise!
 G                   Bbm
No moment is the same
               Am     A7
And that is wonderful -ul
D            A
Do you ever watch the earth?
Bm                 G
Lounge around and see it floating
Em7            A              D
a swirl of white clouds and blue
Well, I do
 G           Db
It changes everyday
   Gb                    Bm
It spins and turns and twirls away
 Em7            Em      Edim
It just keeps rollin' on
              A7              D
And that is wonderful - hey, hey
 Am     D7            G
Look at the world surrounding you
Abdim   Db7     Gb
All possibility
        G         Bbm       Bm                 E
Every moment we have is a chance at something nеw
To glow
D      A
To grow
D             A
Do you ever feel afraid?
E             G
Curl up when you arе hurting
E7             A7             Dmaj7
And hold your memories tight to you
Yeah, me too
G         Fdim
If you release the past
 Gb                     Bm
You'll move ahead and bloom at last
D                G
The heart grows and it knows
Gm       A
You can glow
You're wonderful