C Em Am G F Em F G

Verse 1:
        C                     Em
Well, I need you like foreign oil
        Am                      G
and you need me like a hospital bed
    F                     Em
But girl you ain't got no health insurance
        F              G
and the U S of a don't care if you're dead.

Chorus 1:
          C              E             Am        F
Because a little bit of skepticism can go a long way,
     C           E          Am           F
sell 50 presale tickets and then you can play
          C           E          Am         F
all those dirty vegan punks, are so full of hate.
           C        G       C
You're the Nixon to my Watergate.

Verse 2:
C                   Em        Am             G
My best friends Dionysus, and Apollo OD'd on crack,
           F                 Em
we're just runaway kids with books full of pages
      F                       G
'till we learn our lesson, we ain't comin' back.

Chorus 2:
       C                    E            Am        F
'Cause those who scream the loudest will always be heard.
C            E              Am           F
All cats are beautiful, and all cops are bastards
         C       E           Am               F
They can drag me away, but I swear I'll fight back,
          C                 G       C
because I love you like the Patriot Act.

   C E Am F -x3-
   C G C