G                C
Down away where nights are gay.
         G         D7           G
And the sunshine's daily on the mountain top.
G                  C
I took a trip on a sailing ship.
       G          D7     G
When I reached Jamaica I made a stop but I'm.

        G              Am
Chorus: Sad to say I'm on my way.
D7                G
Won't be back for many a day.
G                            Am
My heart is down my head is turning around.
         G              D7      G
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town.

G                  C
Sounds of laughter everywhere.
        G       D7            G               
And the dancing girls swaying to and fro.
G                 C
I must declare my heart is there,
            G         D7       G
though I've been from Maine to Mexico but I'm.

G                  C
Down at the market you can hear,
       G       D7             G 
ladies cry out while on their heads they bare.
G             C
Akey rice and fish are nice,
        G      D7      G
and the rum is fine anytime of year but I'm.