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Intro: Dm G7 C  G7

       C           Em
Are you lonesome tonight,
do you miss me tonight? 
                 C7       F
Are you sorry we drifted apart? 
          G                  G7
Does your memory stray, to a brighter sunny day,
       G                              C     G7
when I kissed you and called you sweetheart? 
       C7                         F
Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare? 
       D7                         G7         G
Do you gaze at your doorstep, and picture me there? 
        C                 Em            D7 
Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again? 
        Dm7           G7         C    G7
Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight? 

I wonder if you re lonesome tonight
You know someone said that the worlds a stage
And each must play a part.
Fate had me playing in love you as my sweet heart.
Act one was when we met, I loved you at first glance
You read your line so cleverly and never missed a cue
Then came act two, you seemed to change and you acted strange
And why I ll never know.
Honey, you lied when you said you loved me
And I had no cause to doubt you.
But I d rather go on hearing your lies
Than go on living without you.
Now the stage is bare and I m standing there
With emptiness all around
And if you won t come back to me
Then make them bring the curtain down.

        C                 Em            D7 
Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again? 
        Dm7           G7         C    
Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?
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  1. +2 makes it sound vv sad

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