G    C      D7      G
from sea to shining sea!

C                                 F                Fm
I'm red, white and blue...  these are colors that ring true
      C            D                 G  G7
To all I am and feel and love and do
           C                                   F              Fm
I stand proud and brave and tall...  I want justice for us all
      C          F               Fm  C   Fm
So color me, America... red, white and blue

        C                                F                Fm
I see red when evil speaks... spilling red blood on our streets
C                   D              G G7
And I feel blue from grief and sorrow that it brings
C                                    F                Fm
But the white and light of love... God's own spirit... like a dove
           C               F           C   A   D
Lift's us up and hands to us an olive branch

D                               G                Gm
Oh sweet freedom, may you stay... in our land and lives always
         D                E        E7      A A7
And may peace and beauty fill our hearts anew
D                               G                     Gm
And may we all stand up for you... may our thoughts and deeds be true
D              G               A         D A
And be worthy of your stripes... red, white and blue

D          A
Oh, sweet America... America

A7        A     A7  D D7
God won't you shed your grace on thee
G                    D
And crown Thy good... in brotherhood
        G      A A7   D
From sea to shining sea
       G         D          A    A7        D  D7   G
Oh, color me America...  red, white and blue
  G     A   D
   Color me America