C        G
One last time please
Am          Em    F
Like you’re mine, again
Em         F
Just for a moment
G   E7   Am
Can we pretend
      D7                 G7
That nothing’s changed at all
C              G
Just one last time please
Am         Em       F
We can say goodbye again
Em         F
Just for a moment
G        E7    Am
Say it’s not the end
         D7                  Bb           G7
Will you see me like you did before
Just one night more
Then I’ll close the door
Somehow step into
Gm              G
A world without you
C            G
But one last time please
Am          Em        F
I know it’s said and done
Em                     F
I’ll take a night with you
G          E7              Am
And we can rise with the sun
But till then
Please be mine

One time again

Outro: C G Am Em F Fm C