Intro: G C6

Verse 1:
G                   C6  G
this is my bedroom
         C6           G       C6  G  C6
and it’s rarely not a mess
today it doesn’t smell so bad
                 G       C6 G  C6
so you can be my guest

Verse 2:
G                  C6  G
my good friend dan
            C6   G        C6 G  C6
built these ikea shelves
they improve my life and look so nice
                        G      C6 G
but moving them will be hell

    Bm           Bbm  Am
and here’s where  I   sleep
                 G      C6 G  C6
a rocky breaking bed
   Bm             Bm  Bbm Am
my friends and I  like to debate
about the odds that I’d be dead

Verse 3:
    G   C6 G
and this,   this is a shrine
  C6           G       C6 G
I think I like it best
C6           Am                              D7
because it’s weird it makes me feel so much
                             G     C6 G  C6
for someone so usually depressed

G          B7
this is my bedroom
  C                              Edim7
I had to buy a plant that didn’t need much sunlight
G  B7
my bedroom
    C                               Edim7
I’m sleeping in a breaking bed that probably wasn’t made right
G  B7
my bedroom
  C                        Edim7
I can’t believe I’m 22 and still can’t xxxxing hoover
G  B7
my bedroom
          C                                 Edim7
I’m never gonna get my deposit back cause i scratched the walls with my scooter

Outro: G C6