Verse 1:
Bm         Bm          G
  You call arrows to fall short
Bm            Bm               G
  Because the snow is at our feet
         Bm          Bm           G
And when embraces subside and the lilies have died
         Bm          Bm         G
It comes down to her tears on a sheet
But it's alright because

Verse 2:
Bm          Bm           G
  You cause lanterns to light
Bm          Bm           G
  And force demons to disperse
       Bm          Bm             G
And if Lucifer may fear the swift drying of tears
         Bm       Bm           G
Then for evil you could not be worse

      Bm                 G
But I see you now yeah I see you
      Bm                        G
And release me now kind of like dreams do
      Bm                 G
And I see you now, it's hard to see you
              Bm   Bm   G
Just don't forget  to    sing
         Bm Bm   G
Remember everything

Verse 3:
Bm                       Bm                        G
  You're the only little girl I know who'd bring a kite in the snow
Bm                       Bm                             G
  Said you're just gonna hold it up, said nah I'm gonna let it go
     Bm               Bm                      G
When your heart hurts days like today are the antidote
                  Bm                  Bm                                G
If you think just maybe it's her then promise me young man you're gonna let her know

Instrumental -x4-: Bm - Bm - G

Bm        Bm     G
  You won't go lonely, yeah
Bm        Bm     G
  You won't go lonely, yeah
Bm        Bm     G
  You won't go lonely, yeah
Bm        Bm     G
  You won't go lonely, yeah

Bm  Bm                           G
      It'll all be better in the morning
'Cause while you sleep I'll build a wall
Bm                    G
  Pick a weapon up or something
We're about to have ourselves a brawl

Bm                            G
  In dead of night one window opened
He heard her singing down the hall
Bm                                G
  Singing about him 'least he was hoping
                       Bm        Bm      G
She left her listener enthralled

Outro -x7-: Bm - Bm - G