Verse 1:
G        Am  G
She said to me
She wants to go to Portland
G           Am   G
There's not a thing
That’s nearly as important
G             Am    G
We could drive all night
We'll get there in the morning
G           Am    G
What's one long drive
Verse 2:
G       Am   G
Haven’t you seen
My bad habits
        G    Am G
As of lately maybe
It's not a pleasantry
G     Am  G
Let's go soon
And get there nice and early
G           Am   G
What's one long drive
Verse 3:
G            Am
Haven't you seen
   Bm        Am
My bad habits lately
G          Am
I've been naive
     Bm            Am
And I've been feeling hazy, maybe
Verse 4:
G                    Bm
I've barely left my room in a week
      Am                  G
The thought of doing so scares me
G                   Am
I wish it could be easy
    Bm             G
To fall asleep completely
Verse 5:
G           Am
She said to me
As she sparks a pipe in the sunlight
G         Am
As she reclines,
     Bm                   G
She tells me I’ll be alri-i-ight