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         AA chord
I wanna make you smile
BmBm chord
Whenever you're sad
DbmDbm chord
Carry you around
              DD chord
When your arthritis is bad
AA chord                  EE chord
All I wanna do is
     DD chord         AA chord     EE chord
Grow old with you.

              AA chord
I'll get you medicine
BmBm chord
When your tummy aches
DbmDbm chord
Build you a fire
           DD chord
When the furnace breaks
AA chord                    EE chord
It could be so nice
        DD chord         AA chord    A7A7 chord
Growing old with you.

      DD chord
I'll miss you

I'll kiss you
AA chord
Give you my coat when you are cold
DD chord
Need you

Feed you
EE chord - hold -          EE chord      DD chord
Even let you hold the remote control

AA chord
Let me do the dishes
BmBm chord
In our kitchen sink
DbmDbm chord
Put you to bed
                DD chord
When you've had too much to drink
AA chord                       EE chord
I could be the man who
       DD chord        AA chord
Grows old with you
   EE chord          DD chord        AA chord
I wanna grow old with you
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  1. Angeline

    What is the strumming pattern?

  2. Rugamondo

    I found +5 sounds the best and is easiest to play

  3. +3 is also good too

  4. for me it easier for me to do -2

  5. this is pretty easy if you know the alternative chords of bm, dbm, and e. no need for capo

  6. Español:usa -2
    English: use -2
    It’s so pretty :v

  7. Wow I really lie this song ??

  8. Instead of Dbm I replaced it doing Bm but starting it at the 4th fret to make it eaiser :)

  9. On the last line, switch the D and C in -2

  10. abbyvcruz108

    I love this song!! 3+ is higher than 0 but I like 3+ better tho!

  11. -2 steps down is pretty easy too, and easier to sing. This is the perfect song for the uke! It’s like one of those simple old timey songs that are so fun to play. Great stuff!

  12. +3 half steps up is the easiest, although it is a bit high.

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