Intro -x2-: F Dm Am Gm

F                  Dm
This life is punctuated by some missteps,
Am                           C7
failing to glean the right emphasis and the meaning.
F                  Dm
This life is punctuated like a texting
Am                      C7
session between two overheated, insecure teens.

Dm  Gm     C7
You try to say what you mean,
F          Dm        Am      C7
“I have to leave but I’m not ready.”
Dm  Gm       C7
Lip-sync the comforting scene.
F         Dm              Am    C7
Trembling jaws can’t stop stuttering.

Interlude -x2-: Bb Gm F Am

Fdim            C7
I can't see you when I need to.
F      A             Gm
How am I supposed to get through?
Fdim          C7
Method-actor, suffering
F     A            Gm                   Gm7
Try repeating once again this time with feeling.

F      C               F         Bb         C
Premeditated like some sick joke waited all night for you.
Waited all night for you.