Eb                F
 So Finn and Jake set out to find a new home,
D                           Bb
 But is gonna be tough for a kid and a dog on their own.
Eb                        Cm
 There's a little house, aww Finn's sticking his foot in.
F                                Eb                            F
 Well that's a bad idea dude, cos now that bird thinks you're a jerk Finn.

 Now they're chilling on the side of a hill,
           Gm                       Dm
 Thinking living in a cloud would be totally thrilling,
 unless they find something inside, 
        D                      D  
 Like a mean cloud man and his beautiful cloud bride.
Bb                Dm                     Gm
 a beehive oh no! Don't put your foot in there guy.
Eb                               D               D  
 Y'all tried that before and you know it didn't turn our right. 

Gm                      Eb              F
 a Big Shell, go inside. Look around it seems alright.
D                 Gm            Bb
a Frog jumps out, Barfs a tiger, throwing down potions for food and fire.

Gm                      Gm         Eb               D
You know you should have stayed and fought that xxxx vampire lady,
Eb                                     F
but Jake was feeling terrified and was super scared of her vampire bite.
Bb              Gm           Eb                 D
 Which is understandable cos vampires are really powerful.
Eb                       D
They're unreasonable and burnt out on dealing with mortals.

Bb            F
 Oh Marceline why are you so mean?
Gm                                Eb
 I'm not mean, I'm 1000yrs old and I just lost track of my moral code.
Bb             F
 Oh Marceline, can't you see these guys are in pain?
Gm              Eb
 No I can't, I'm invested in this really cute video game.

Eb                  F
 There go our boys walkin on the icy ground,
D                                Bb
Headin towards thier destiny. I'm sure they'll figure something out.