A                F  
    I painted your room at midnight
  A           F 
    So I know yesterday was over
  A                F  
    I put all your books on the top shelf
  C         Bb                      C    
    Even the one with the four-leaf clover
  Bb               C      Bb 
    Man I'm getting older

  A                 F
    I took all your pictures off the wall
  A                      F 
    And wrapped 'em in a newspaper blanket
  A              F                          C
    And i havent slept in what seems like a century
  Bb              Ab             Bb
    And now i can barely breathe

              Am    C          F
Just like the crow chasing the butterfly
     Am    C           F   
Dandelions lost in the summer sky
     Am             C               F
when you and I were getting high as outer space
        D       F         G
I never thought you would slip away
        D     F      G                  
I guess I was just a little too late

Interlude: A F A F

  A                  F
    Your words still serenade me
  A           F
    Your lullabies wont let me sleep
  A         F                     C
    I never heard such a haunting melody
  Bb             C
    Oh it's it's killing me
  Bb               Ab             Bb
    You know I can barely breathe