Intro: Eb

 Ab                        Eb
 Dreaming up this golden grain
 I'm falling from this shack
  Ab                     Eb
 talking sweet to the queen
 wishing I was riding with the jacks
    Ab                Cm
 walking proud and lonesome now
           Eb               Ab
 oh I'm yearning for the pack
      Cm               Ab
 but I'd never say "I love you," dear
         Bb                 Eb
 just to hear you say it back

   Ab Cm Bb Eb
   Ab Cm Bb

Verse 2:
  Ab                      Eb
 I've heard the road to every truth
 it's just a cul-de-sac
   Ab                            Eb
 there's ladies and the lions there
 which I know its just an act
      Cm                        Gm
 you search the world for the milk of the pearl
          Eb               Ab
 she'll always takes it black
              Cm              Ab
 but you'll love her till it all goes dark
          Bb                   Eb
 you'll love her even after that . . .

Outro -x4-: Ab Cm Bb Eb