Intro: F  C  Em  D7
F        C  Em  D7
  Get up
F                  C               Em            D7
  The day is never gonna turn out exacly how you want
Interlude: F  C  Em  D7
F          C                    Em          D7
  Hold yourself, there's no one else

F                       C
  And you know when the sun dies,
None of this will matter
D7                   F
Half as much as you thought
Learn a little self-love
       Em                 D7         F        C
'Cause you're not half as bad as you thought

Em             D7               F    C  Em
  Nobody gets exactly what they want
D7            F
  What do you want?

   C  Em  D7
   F  C  Em  D7
F               C         Em
  You are gonna grow old
                   D7                  F
Your head might hurt just a little bit more
So take a bit of Calpol
 Em             D7                 F
Eventually your arms won't feel so sore
You're staring at your shoes again
   Em                D7                       F
It won't be long til these have holes in them too
                   C               Em
From dragging your heels when your knees are too weak to
D7           F         C  Em  D7
Elevate your thoughts
Outro -x2-: F  C  Em  D7