Intro: F   G Am   F   G Am

       F             Em           Dm
Like a ship drifting on the sea untethered, I wash ashore
     F               Em
What use does a boat have on land?
I can not move, no one understands
       F              Em            Dm
Barely tall enough, I keep my head above the rising tides
        F                Em
The sun slowly dips, and I start to slip
        Dm             E
Oh, this time I cannot hide
            Dm                Am                   Dm
And through days and weeks of constant tension the rope that I cling on to
         Dm                         Am
And as I lay there wishing to feel anything else
  Dm            F   G    Am   G  F
I tell myself, “One more day”
         E   Am
One more day
Fmaj7     Em       Am   F G     F
One more chance to tell myself
                G Am
Try again, try again

Try again, try again
G   F        G
Try one more day
Am       G
One more day
  F  G Am  F  G  F