Am F Am F
   Am F Am C

Verse 1:
Am                        F
You know it takes a lot to move me
Am                     C
So if you figure it out, tell me
Am      F               C             Am
I trace figures on your smile lines
       F          C          Am
Work a formula to cure me? 

Verse 2:
And I'm lonely
Am      C
There I said it
Am          F
Nine million people
Am        F               C
I always seem to add them up

Interlude -x2-: F Am F C

Verse 3:
Am         F
I could go away
Am                            F              C
I could pack my things and be gone before you wake
Am            F             C
You know I've tried hard to love me too
Am        F                C
It always seems to fall in through

Verse 4:
Am                         F
Maybe one day I'll live in La Jolla
Am                          F
Drinking cocktails out over the water
Am     F        C
My own personal sunset
Am      F                C
To give each day its own diploma
Am                F
And you know it's funny
Am      C             F
Amid my backseat taxi jaunts
Am                       C
I'm trying to ignore the skyline
Am                   F     C
So I don't figure out where you

Outro -x2-: Am F Am C