Intro: E
Verse 1:
I'm your muffin man
You're my muffin girl
          Db7                Gb7
Let's get together and we'll see the muffin world
     A         Am
In a car, in a plane
       E            Db7
We can muffin every day
Gb7                    B7
Always together in our little muffin tray
Verse 2:
You're my muffin man
I'm your muffin girl
Db7                              Gb7
Fold in some chocolate chips why not? Give it a whirl!
       A         Am
Grab a bus, or a train
       E             Db7
We can meet on Drury Lane
Gb7                      B7
Grow old together in our fluffy muffin way
Solo: E Ab7 Db7 Gb7 A Am E Db7 Gb7 B7
Verse 3:
You're my muffin girl
You're my muffin man
Db7                    Gb7
I think our recipe was perfectly planned
        A             Am
I don't care where we are
          E          Db7
'Cause no matter how far
Gb7         B7              E A E Am E
I'll be in muffin love with you