Cassandra, you're angry, I get it
Believe me I know what it's like
But you are making a mistake

D                     C
The path of hate is a dangerous track
Bm                         Bb
You take one step and it's hard to turn back
It pulls you along
    Gm                       D
And though it seems wrong it feels right
Gm         A       D
Don't you see this path you're on leaves a permanent mark
         Bm                     Bbm
It feels good at first, then it slowly turns dark
With each passing day
       Gm                      A
You're further astray from the light

              D                 A
Suddenly, you lose your way and lose the thread
Bm                   A
Lose your cool, then lose your head
G             Em          A
Every loss is harder to excuse
                       D                   A
Then you'll see you'll lose your faith and lose your soul
Bm                 A
'Til you lose complete control
Gm                          A       Bm
And realize there's nothing left to lose
Bb      A       D
Nothing left to lose

Cass, trust me
Becoming the villain isn't the answer
Is that what you think I am?

The path I'm on is a path paved in black
Em7                          Eb
I'm taking that road and I'm not looking back
Each twist and each turn
       Cm                            G
Leads straight where I'm yearning to go
Am        D        G                  F
Yes, it's true, my path is dark but I see where it ends
Em7                       Eb
My rivals will fall as my power ascends
Despise me, that's fine
Cm                          D
I'm taking what's mine even so

Not like you

You lost your nerve, you lost the game
Em                       G
But you and I, we're not the same
C                    Am             D
I'm not lost, this fate was mine to choose
So I chose to lose my doubts and lose my chains
Em                   D
Lose each weakness that remains
Cm                      D       Em
Now that I have nothing left to lose
Eb      D       G    F
Nothing left to lose

You have so much to hold onto
Cm                       Bb
I only want my rightful dues

Listen please, you've lost your grip
And lost your mind -I'm not gonna lose-
Cm                    Bb
All's not lost, don't be so blind -I refuse-
E               Fm        Bb
Cut your losses, drop the IOUs -I refuse-
Oh-oh, choose
I lose no tears and lose no sleep
Cm               Bb
What I want I'll take and keep -It's time for you to choose-
Em                Bb             Cm
You can't stop the turning on the screws

You'll stay in that cage until this is done
And just in case you think of escaping

Bbm        Bb              Eb
Now I have nothing left to lose