Intro: Eb

Verse 1:
Eb              Bb           Bb          Ab
I look so much better so I guess I'm alright
               Eb         Bb                Bb       Ab
And I've got everything together and I'm glad I'm alive
     Eb               Bb             Bb          Ab
But everything feels better on the edge of a knife
Eb            Bb             Bb      Ab       Eb    Ab
And I really wish I didn't have to lie to you

       Cm    Ab      Eb     Ab
Start crying in my room
   Cm       Ab       Eb     Ab
I wanna be someone you...
          Cm      Ab      Eb
You feel better around but
         Ab             Cm     Ab       Eb
I don't know if I can get better for you

Verse 2:
               Bb             Bb       Ab
Feel like I've turned by body inside out
              Eb           Bb              Bb       Ab
My head is burning like a machine, tryna cool it down
      Eb                Bb              Bb      Ab
I've figured I'd have gotten used to this by now

I gotten nearly everything I ever hoped I'd have

   Cm     Ab        Eb    Ab
So why am I still sad?
   Cm       Ab       Eb    Ab
I teared myself in half
       Cm      Ab     Eb
Narcoleptic insomniac
          Ab                   Cm   Ab        Fm
I didn't think that it would ever get this bad

   Ab    Cm    Bb
   Fm    Ab    Cm    Bb -x7-

Outro -x4-: Eb    Bb    Cm    Ab