Verse 1:
F                             A7
One day you'll look up at the ceiling above
Dm                                          G7
If you're lucky you'll be surrounded by the ones that you love
         Dm                           F                D7
When the lights in your eyes fade and life flashes by
Bb             C        F
One day you're going to die

F                               A7
One day you’ll sleep and you'll never wake again
Dm                              G7
Heaven, hell, nirvana, nothing, no one knows how it ends
Dm                                F         D7
Rest in peace or pieces and won't even know why
Bb             C        F
One day you're going to die
Verse 2:
Gm            F            Gm              F
Read your horoscopes, your palms and tarot cards
C               Bb          Gm         F
Either way your destination ain't very far
Gm                  F                  Gm          F
You could drown, or choke, or burn, or be hit by a car
             Gm                               Am
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but something will eventually
Verse 3:
F                               A
One day you'll look back at the life that you lead
        Dm                                       G7
No more future left to fear that you'll have the past to regret
         Dm                          F        D7
But your worries will be over if you truly realize
Bb             C        F
One day you’re going to die
Take it away, hands
    F  A  Dm  G7
   Dm  F  D7
   Bb  C  F
Verse 4:
       Gm        F                Gm          F
In the fabric of time, and in the vastness of space
  Bb                 C            Gm       F7
a billion amounts to nothing in infinity’s face
          Gm          F             Gm         F
At most a couple generations will remember the ways
              Gm                          D
In which your life never mattered, so who cares if it's a waste?
Verse 5:
      G                            B
Well, one day you’ll be not even a faint memory
       Em                                  C
No, at most a ghost of falling leaves from your family tree
     Em                            G       E
The legacy's not yours to see, nor is your eulogy
C            D7              G          E7
And you'll never know what it all means
                 C                D7                 G            E
But you'll be at peace before you sleep if you just keep this in mind
          C              D7                 G          E
That everything and everyone goes with the passage of time
                C       D7       G       E
So whether it’s cancer, murder, or suicide
C              D7        G
One day you're going to die
No need to fear cause when it's
C              D7      G
Here you won't be alive
Try not to think about it
C              D7        G
One day you're going to die
And there's probably nothing after
C              D7        G
One day you're going to die
          E             C                   D7                G           E
So if you only have one chance you ought to try your best to live as you like
C              D7        G
One day you're going to die