Intro -x6-: D6  A  Db7

Verse 1:
D6                      A       Db7
  The melatonin doesn't work anymore,
D6                        A
The Valium just stops the hurt,
But not the cortisol,
D6                        A
   If I can teleport from here,
I'll choose the Midway Atoll,
D6                                   A
   Or just the space in between your neck,
         Db7                 Db
Where it meets your shoulder,
D6            A
But just this once, -But just this once-,
Gbm         D                D6
I'd like to see the world in three-dimensions.

Verse 2:
D6                        A                Db7
 Keep wasting 'til you're shed, we keep it simple,
D6                        A                 Db7
  The breathing exercises hurt and don't do xxxx-all,
D6                            A                   Db7
  He said, "The beta-blockers work, but there's a system,
D6                      A                  Db7
  The anxiety's not the cause, it's just a symptom".

Verse 3:
D6             A   Db7
    But I know you,
D6                     A       Db7
  I'll live with you until our bones grow old,
D6                 A          Db7
   I'll still pick you like a scab or a mole,
D6          A               Db7
   And I'll pull you into a dive or a stall,
D6                  A
   Ain't that miserable?
Db7               D6
 Ain't that miserable?
                 A    Db7
Ain't that miserable  ooh?

D6                       A       Db7         D6
   Help, why the xxxx do I still    self-sabotage
         A          Db7
When I'm finally happy
        D6         A       Db7
Oh, oh, ooh, oooh, oooh
D6            A        Db7              -nc-
  wa! Wa! Wa! Oh, hey, hey, yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 4:
D6                      A                 Db7
   So it turns out everyone just hopes to God you're failing,
D6                                  A
   And if you claim that you eat my words,
Then take this as a warning,
D6                             A
   Nothing around here xxxxing works,
We're just flat-out boring,
D6                            A
  We're all apes with a diary book,
              Db7        Db7
And corporate reads your pages.

I've just been doing, like, music and stuff.