Intro: Am6  E  Gm7  C9  F7  Fm6  Em7  Am7  Am6  E       
Verse 1:
Quiet nights of quiet stars
Quiet chords from my guitar
Gm7             C9             Fdim      F6
Floating on the silence that surrounds us
Fm7             Bb9
Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams
E7            A7  
Quiet walks by quiet streams
Am7             Am6             Fm6   
And a window that looks out on Corcovado,
G9      Fm6   
Oh how lovely! ...
Verse 2:
This is where I want to be
Here with you so close to me
Gm7             C9                Fdim   F6
Until the final flicker of life's  em - bers
Fm7         Bb9
I, who was lost and lonely
Em7        Am7
Believing life was only
Dm7             G9     G7                   Em7   A7
A bitter tragic joke,       have found with you,
Dm7             G9      Abdim      Am6
the meaning of existence,    oh my love