Ive grown weary of the phone
       Db                       Ab
Honey, leave me the hell alone
               Db                       Ab
I just need to find some peace of mind
                 Eb      Eb7
Thatll carry me on my way
Marry a girl I used to know
              Db                   Ab
Ill give her all my love in gold
                  Db                         Ab
Then my heart can stay mine, and mine alone
           Eb             Eb7
Safe and sound, stowed away
Ab                Db                      Ab
She caught my eye in a dream I had last night
      Db       Ab                            Eb
Far away from truth, and what Im living in
So I just said

Chorus -x2-:
I know that I dont know you that well
But I know Ive been missing you like hell

I know I know, I know I know

Ab            Db
Ooooh Oooooh Oooooh

Ive burnt the letters that you wrote
              Db                    Ab
Wish I could force them down your throat
                  Db                   Ab
All the lies you gave my heart to hold
Are safe and sound
Still stowed away for that day I tell you