A    Gbm   D   E
   A    Gbm   D  Eb E

Verse 1:
         A      Gbm  D               E                       A       Gb
baby I'm sorry        things didn't work out the way that I planned
       D              E                 A            Gbm
but we both know that planning's not my strong suit
               D                    E
I'm sad that I lost you but I won't chase you I still dont
A                       Gbm          D                         E
blame you for making me stall when I learned how to drive your car
             DM7                              E
because your best friends were all too sad to take you to the airport

    A Gbm      D               E
and I miss you every minute of every day tell me
A   Gbm            D                      E
why cant you still make a decision 'cause I'm getting better at
A   Gbm     D              E                        A           Gbm
cry-ing without making any noise all I want is your voice in my head
         D          E
and your hair in my bed

Verse 2:
               A       Gbm   D      E       A   Gbm   D             E
please tell me why I'm so afraid of dying alone    so scared and so stoned
      A                 Gbm          D                E
but I don't know what I need so just tell me what you need
                  A  Gbm                        D  E
you're all I need     just please don't make me

Outro -x4-: A Gbm D E