Bb             Gm          Cm        F
Think of these thoughts as limitless light
  Bb     Gm      Cm           F
Exposing closing circuitry of fright
Bb            Gm     Cm           F
Think of each moment holding this breath
   Bb    Eb        F
As death minute in decimal

Bb       Gm    Cm         F
Resident minor how do you plead
      Bb        Gm    Cm         F
We'll need your testimony on the stand service of the fee fi fo fum:
Bb       Gm       Cm             F
Solemnly swear to tell the whole truth
   Bb       Eb      F                Bb
So help you son now raise your right hand

Bb          Gm    Cm        F
Father your honor may I explain
   Bb        Gm          Cm         F
My brain has claimed its glory over me
Bb          Gm       Cm     F
I've a good heart albeit insane
Bb          Eb       F    Bb
Condemn him to the infirmary

Cm              G                Cm              G
All mine towers crumble down the flowers gasping under rubble
Cm               G                Cm              G
Shrieking in the hall of lull thy genius sates a thirst for trouble

Bb         Gm         Cm        F
Scattering sparks of thought energy
  Bb    Gm      Cm        F
Deliver me and carry me away
Bb         Gm      Cm         F
Here in my kingdom I am your lord
  Bb   Eb      F         Bb
I order you to cower and pray

Cm              G                                Cm
Nuns commence incanting axon – dendrite: as the lightning strikes mine
temples thus
Cm                G               Cm                  G
Electrifying mine chambers wholly scorching out thine sovereignty

C                  G
spiraling down thy majesty
  C                G
I beg of thee have mercy on me
C            G
I was just a boy you see
  C                  G
I plead of thee have sympathy for me

Cm  Cm    Cm  Cm 

Cm                         Eb
See how the serfs work the ground see how they fall:
          Ab                 Cm
And they give it all they've got
         Ab                  Cm
And they give it all they've got
        Ab                 Cm              G
And you give it all you've got 'til you're down

Cm                      Eb
See how the brain plays around
        Ab            Abm               Eb   G7
And you fall inside a hole you couldn't see
        Ab            Abm
And you fall inside a hole inside a
G   Ab  Bb   Cm
Someone help me

Ab                Abm        G7      Cm
Understand what's going on inside my mind
Ab             Abm            Eb
Doctor I can't tell if I'm not me

Bb            Gm         Cm        F
When it grows bright the particles start to
Bb     Gm     Cm                   F
Marvel having made it through the night
Bb         Gm     Cm        F
Never they ponder whether electric
Bb      Eb     F          Bb
Calming if you look at it right!