Intro: D   A     G     G      D   A     G 

Verse 1:
G    D
Dear diary
Today I saw a boy
G                    D
And I wondered if he noticed me
He took my breath away

A    D
Dear diary
        C              B7
I can't get him off my mind
And it scares me
                   G         D    A
Because I've never felt this way
Bm7            Bm
No one in this world
         Bm7             E7
Knows me better than you do
   Em7        G          A
So diary I'll confide in you

Verse 2:
Dear diary
Bm7               D
Today I saw a boy
G                 D                    Em7
As he walked by I thought he smiled at me

A     D
And I wondered
        C                 B7
Does he know what's in my heart
  Em7                        G      D      A
I tried to smile,but I could hardly breathe
        Bm7            Bm
Should I tell him how I feel
         Bm7            E7
Or would that scare him away
       Em7             G
Diary, tell me what to do
       Em7             A
Please tell me what to say

Verse 3:
Dear diary
Bm7                   D
One touch of his hand
D     G             D            Em7
Now I can't wait to see that boy again
A  D
He smiled
    D5        C              B7
And I thought my heart could fly
       Em7                        A         Bm7      Bm   Bm7
Diary, do you think that we'll be more than friends?
E7         Em7              A            D
I've got a feeling we'll be so much more than friends

Outro: A   G   Gm   D5