Intro: Bb Eb

Verse 1:
Bb         Eb        Bb
You should call me tonight
Eb                  Bb
While you are sleeping
Eb          Bb
So I can talk to
Bb             Gm
All of your dreams

            F               Bb
And they'll tell me what to do
     Gm   F         Bb
When I'm alone with you
         Gm     F      Bb
'Cause I really do not understand
         Gm      F          Bb
What the xxxx is wrong with you

Interlude: Bb Eb

Verse 2:
Bb        Eb             Bb
I've been crazy for this boy
  Eb              Bb
I really like his gun
Eb                   Bb
I think he's kind of crazy
         Eb             Gm
But I've got nowhere to run

       F                Bb
And he tells me what to do
       Gm       F       Bb
And he wants me to kill you
      Gm     F       Bb
And I really think I might
        Gm      F      Bb
Because Heather I hate you

   Bb Dm Eb F -x5-