F       Dm           Am          C
We both sat, on our beds, in my room.
F       Dm           Am             C
And we talked about what was coming soon.
F        Dm                Am               C             
All the -pink powder- wont cover up what we did.
F           Dm        Am        C
Doing wrong when, we were just kids.

                 Bb                F                        
And I think that you're the older brother,
       Dm    C
that I never had.
               Bb             F
I wish I could reach out and touch you.
     Dm             C
Dont worry, i'm not sad.
                   Bb                 F
I know you're just where you want to be,
    Dm                   C
and everyone's a hundred grand.
             Bb        F
Say you wont stay for me,
    Dm            C
say hello to your dad. 

F         Dm           Am       C    
I will look after your sister I swear.
F                       Dm              Am               C
I'll write her when she's lonely, and send it off in the air.
F         Dm          Am         C
I will keep her safe, until i'm dead. 
F             Dm       Am              C
She'll always have a place to rest her head.

                 Bb              F
You dont have to worry about it now,
                 Dm             C
you dont have to live with that frown.
                 Bb                  F
I will hold your memory close to my chest,
                  Dm                 C
though I wish you hadn't said it was best.
               Bb                    F
Could you have stayed just one more night,
                 Dm       C
for all of us to say good bye.
                   Bb                C
But i'll love your troubles and i'm gone,
          Dm           C
you still feel so damn warm.

Outro: F  Dm  Am