Intro: E
Abm                 A                      E
Nothing's happened, you can calm down now.
Abm                      A                               E
You're not a monster and no one's going to shut you out.
Abm                   A                      E
Mum and Dad love you, you can come home now.
Abm                              A                           E
Of course your friends love you, what are you talking about.
Abm                            A
Have the strength to push away all the pain from yesterday,
Cause there's nothing worth crying about.
Abm                       A                             E
Your heart is a candle and I won't let you blow it out.
   E A x5
Abm                    A                                E
So what, you messed up, at least it won't happen again.
Abm                   A
Every time I screw up I feel I've let down all my friends.
Abm                                    A                                 E
Stumbling through a thousand stars and neon cars break through my skull.
Abm                                    A                                 E
There's so much life out here in space it's crazy that we're here at all.
   Abm A E A E
   Abm A E