Intro: B  Abm  B  Abm
Verse 1:
B                  Abm
Pretty lights roll over the river
B              Abm                                 E
My, oh my, the sky's so much bigger than we thought
     B      Abm      E
And I wanna see it all
B                       Abm             B
Cool summer nights were nice for a while
B                         Abm            E
Right now, I'm missing my warm bath towel
     B          Abm          E
It's nice going out with you
             B             Abm     E
But isn't it lovely coming home to
B                       Abm
Take me home, I want my bed, I want my mom
      B                      Abm
We've had so much fun, but I want to go home
        E           Gb7           B              Abm
We will sit on the windowsill and look up at the sky
        E                 Gb7      B                   Abm
And the clouds will spell messages addressed to you and I
         E         Gb7            B               Abm
We will water the plants for the first time in a while
         E          Gb7         B
And I'll say with a sigh, "I am home"