Intro: E Dbm E Esus4

Verse 1:
            E    Dbm
I miss the grey space
E       Esus4
  I was perfect and cold and afraid
         E                        Dbm
Always played by the rules of the game
        E             Esus4
If you lose, then the grayscale will put you to shame

Verse 2:
            E    Dbm
I miss the grey space
E        Esus4
  It was comfortable, wasting away
      E                Dbm
And I romanticize the idea of a life
      Esus4                        E
Hypnotized by a rose-tinted grey space
E Abm  Esus4
Mhmm, mhmm
E Abm  Esus4
Mhmm, mhmm

 E      E      Esus4                 E  Gb
Stay inside my arms and squeeze my thumb
        Esus4                B            Esus4
You're losing 'cause you're trying to let go
       Esus4                B          Gb    Esus4
You're losing cause you're never well alone

Interlude -x4-: E Ab Esus4

Verse 3:
   E                         Dbm
I heard so much life back in waitin'
   B             E                   Esus4
I know that it's easier staying this way
         E        Gbm
But I'm being so mean
           Abm          B
And you're caught in between
And I know that this happened yesterday
But please won't you stay
Abm               E
Please won't you stay

Outro -x4-: F F A Bb

Outro -x2-: E E Abm Esus4