Csus4                               Fsus4
There's a spider -spider, spider- He's deep in my soul -soul, soul-
Bsus4                                      Em     
He's lived here for years -years, years- He just won't let go
A7sus4                Dm     
He's laying around He's got a mean bite
Gsus4               Csus4   Amadd9     
Now he's ready to fiiiiiiiiiiiiight... 
       Gsus2                     Fsus2  Csus2    Dmadd9   Csus2
And stand up for what he knows...

                  Gsus4                      Emadd9                   Dmadd9
I don't need your trophies or your gold  I just want to tell you all
        Csus4             Amadd9     Gsus2    Fsus2     Emadd9
Go xxxx yourselves...   AAaaahhhhaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa...
Dm    Csus2            Emadd9   Amadd9       Gsus2    Fsus2
Aaah go xxxx yourselves...  -Spits- Whooooaoaoaoaoaoa...
 Emadd9  Dmadd9   Csus2  Dmadd9    Csus4                   Amadd9
AhHAAHahAhaaaaaa         Go xxxx yourselves...
         Gsus2              Fsus2          Csus2
I really mean to tell you xxxx you motherxxxxers

                       Fm                                C7
I don't need you in my bar... OOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo