Intro: G7

The church bells they were ringing
The clouds were low and brown
    C                 C
The horses they were neighing
    D7                           G
The day Robert Palins shot me down

He rode into town on a jet black mare
Spat and hitched her to a tree
He made his way to the town saloon
     D7                         G
The day Robert Palin’s murdered me

It was also the night that
      C               G
The skeletons came to life
They came from under the ground
And From All Over-

Palins grabbed the preachers daughter

And aimed his shooter at my crown
    C                   G
He cocked that crooked hammer back
        D7             G
And he brought that hammer down


The bones are the skeletons' money

In our world bones equal dollars
C                          G
That’s why they’re coming out tonight
To get their bones from you

The skeletons will pull your hair

Up but not out, all they wants

Another chance at life
          C                          G
They’ve never seen so much food as this

Underground there’s half as much food
As this the worms are their money

The bones are their dollars-

The bullet it ripped inside my chest

The clouds they did storm
    C                G
My sweet Marie she cried for me
     D             G
And then I was no more

And it was also the night that
       G               D
The skeletons came to life

The bones are their money so are the worms

They pull your hair up but not out

To turn into a man to
Have another chance at life
    Cm              G                 D
But if they pull it out they turn to bones