Intro: G C

Verse 1:

GG  GG                    Am 
Love                Soft as an easy chair
Am7                  G       D  
Love fresh as the morning air
Em                Bm7
One love that is shared by two
Am7                 F  D  D7
I  have found with you

Verse 2:
       G               Am7
Like a rose under the April snow
Am  D                    G             D  
I    was always certain love would grow
Em                  Bm7
Love ageless and evergreen
Cmaj7          F     G7
Seldom seen by two

Cmaj7                Bm7
You  and I will make each night a first
Cmaj7         Bm7   F    G7
Everyday a beginning
Cmaj7   Gb7             Bm7         Bb
Spirits rise and their dance is unrehearsed
G               A7
They warm and excite us
C                            Gmaj7
‘Cause we have the brightest love

Verse 3:
Two lights that shine as one
Am7      C           G        D  
Morning glory and midnight sun
Em                    Bm7
Time we've learned to sail above
F                      Cmaj7     Cm7  G
Time won’t change the meaning of one love

Ageless and ever
Abmaj7    G
Ever  – green

Outro: Abmaj7     A     Gm   A     Abmaj7     G