Intro: Dm F Bb Dm

Dm                     F
Oh my siren won’t you call
Bb        Dm
I’m lost woah
Dm                          F
Last that you came was the Fall
Bb                          Dm
But that’s a long long time ago
Bb                        Gm
I’ll write my name on the wall
Bb                          Gm
Sit up straight but slowly fall
Bb          Dm
But I fall woah

Dm                              F
The worn out sidewalks know my feet
Bb               Dm
For I’ve walked woah
Dm                    F
And up the stairs I retreat
Bb            Dm
Broken walls woah
Bb                           Gm
Trains they howl through the day
Bb                                     Gm
Woah my siren won’t you wash my cares away
Bb        Dm

Instrumental -x2-: Dm F Bb Dm

Dm                       F
Oh feral cat what’s your name
Bb           Dm
Are you lost woah
Dm                            F
Have you got a place to hide away
Bb                 Dm
When you’re alone woah
Bb                          Gm
Spring will come before you know
Bb                              Gm
The ice will melt the food will grow
Bb           Dm
Before long woah
Bb           Dm
Before long woah