Bm Dbm Bm Dbm
   D D7

Bm         Dbm
  Baby girl, in her room
Bm               Dbm                    D     D7
  Lying on her bed trying to think of a tune but
Bm             Dbm                   Bm
  It seems as if there's nothing left
                  Dbm          D    D7
Nothing there for her to comprehend

G          D
  Baby girl nothin left to do
Em                C
  Play my ukulele and think of you
G          D
  Baby girl what can I say
Em                    C                 Cm
  to try and help you think of me that way

Interlude: Bm Dbm Bm Dbm

Bm        Dbm
  Baby boy not a care in the world
Bm                      Dbm                D    D7
  Doesn't have to do anything but think of her
       Bm            Dbm                     Bm                        Dbm
You know maybe he'll write her a love note or leave in her locker a bouquet of roses
D      D7
  How simple it is for him

G         D
  Baby boy doesn't have to try
Em               C
  And I'll never figure out why
G                       D
  she can't love mе the way she loves him
Em                C                 Cm
  All I can do is sit back and еnvy him

Em                            C
  And I know and I know and I know that love hurts sometimes
G                                D
  And there's nothing I can do except apologize
Em                    C
  And all I want from you is to change your mind
G                D
  But it's never really the right time

Interlude: Em  C  G  D

G          D                      Em
  Baby girl don't look at me that way
Cuz we both know I'll want you to stay
G                 D
  And obviously I know you want him too
Em                   C
  So I wish you both happiness till you're through

G         D               Em
  Baby girl wish you were mine
And I know that in time it'll be alright
G            D
  But for now for the time being
  Em                 C               Cm
I hope it won't hurt seeing you with him