Intro: C  C  Am  Asus4  Em  Em7  F

     C                        C       
Well, all the apostles there sitting in swings
           Am                       Asus4
Saying I'd sell off my savior for a set of new rings
         Em                        Em7                           F   C       
and some sandals with the style of straps that cling best to the era

     C                       C               
Well all the businesses and unlimited heck
           Am                         Asus4
where they buy and they sell and they sell all their trash
        Em                           Em7                         F   C       
to each other, till their sick of it all, till their bankrupt on selling

     C                         C       
Well all of the angels they'd sell of you soul
      Am                      Asus4
for a set of new wings or anything gold
       Em                      Em7
they remember the people their freinds and their loved one but I've 
seen through it all, seen through it all, seen through most everything

        C              C         Am     Asus4         
All the people you knew were the actors
         Em            Em7       F
All the people you knew were the actors

      C                           C       
Well I'll go to colledge and I'll learn some big words
         Am                  Asus4
and I'll talk real loud you know I'll be heard
             Em                                 Em7
and you'll remember they guy who said all those big words he musta learned in 
F        C       

        C                           C       
Well it took along time till I came clean with myself
       Am                       Asus4
I came clean outta love with my lover
        Em                                Em7                      F C       
I still love her, loved her more when she used to be sober and I was kinder

Outro: C