Verse 1:
A                          C
Kill Him! He's a Socialist sir!
In order to ensure the freedom which Socialism prevents
D                           A
We'll make you vote for two similar parties
Make no change of events
    G                            D
You know we'll engineer your 'consent'
            A                  C                      G                           D
Oh it's the mythical, miracle, cynical, criminal: the greatest leader you've ever seen!
a propaganda machine
News articles, chat shows, magazines...
G                           D
People love it when there's blood on their screen
              A                         C
Yeah it's The Rise of thе Planet of The Proletariatic
     G                 D
am I lеftist? Revolutionary? Or fanatic?
A                    C
Big man, middle man, dancing on the little man
  -nc-                         C
I don't promote war, but we'll massacre your Parliament
A                          C                   G
Take your great British flags to the cliffs of Dover
Throw 'em in the Channel when it's over!
         A                       C
And your bourgeois battalions in Range Rovers
    G                          D
Can go and 'tut, tut' while we print our posters
A             C
There, and if nobody cares..
              G                        D                A C G D C A C G D
We'll xxxxing build a new Jerusalem in Parliament Square!

Verse 2:
A                            C
Kill him! He's not one of us boy!
I see a nation of scared little kids
And to there I see the birth of a Troy
A                   C                    G
Stick 'em up with a 9-5, we'll leave the skilled alive
And make 'em work, or they die...
       A                        C
It's a proper operation for the few, xxxx you
G                          D
I see the bones of an international coup
   A                          C                     G
So what you gonna do when the troves of the working sxxx
                 C                          A
Make a unified decision to go bite your own thumb?
                         C                             G
And if the lovely little folks on the hill, with their will
To not acknowledge they're at all responsible
        A                            C
They're so xxxxing passive when they kill
           G                             D
It's not a gun, it's a bloody university skill

Outro: A C G D A C G D C A