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-Intro- B Gb Db Ebm 

-Verse #1-
B                       Gb                  Db               Ebm
The young boy wants to move ahead and the old man sings rewind
B              Gb                      Db                  Ebm
I wonder when in this timeline we'll break to the other side
B                Gb                    Db                  Ebm
Maybe there's a span of time when we feel we're neither nor
B                  Gb                  Db             Ebm
Not wanting to go back again and not wanting to go forth
B                       Ebm        Gb                  Db
That point of life must be pretty dark and hopeless, terrifying 
B                     Ebm         Gb      Db
And if you're asking me when that is...

B           Gb
It must be tonight
Db           Ebm
It must be tonight
B           Gb
It must be tonight
Db           Ebm
It must be tonight

-Verse #2-
B                     Gb              Db                Ebm
The old man sits all by himself and thinks of better years
B                Gb                           Db              Ebm
When he used to believe in stars and would dream away his fears
B                       Gb               Db             Ebm
The young boy moves so fast he doesn't see the stars above
B                       Gb                  Db                Ebm
And all his dreams are crushed by old man who didn't dream enough
B            Ebm             Gb                  Db
We must all agree that the point in life when darkness breaks our 
B                  Ebm              Gb       Db
Brittle hopes and dreams, and I'd say...

B           Gb
It must be tonight
Db           Ebm
It must be tonight
B           Gb
It must be tonight
Db           Ebm
It must be tonight


B   Gb   Db   Ebm
B               Gb
And it must be tonight
Db           Ebm
It must be tonight
B        Gb
Save Me tonight
Db             Gb
It must be...tonight.
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  1. I really love this song, it’s sad but has a hopeful undertone
    stay alive l-/

  2. Can we have more?????
    I love this album!
    falling too and hear me now and prove me wrong and just like yesterday!!!!

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