Submit Songs on UkuTabs

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First and foremost, thank you for adding a song to the UkuTabs database! To submit a song with chords and/or tabs, please read the requirements and fill in all the fields below. The average approval rate is about 40%! Main reason for disregarding a submission is that it's not pasted as flat text (causing all kinds of weird symbols in the backend editor) and/or not adding spaces and breaklines properly.

  • All fields are required: song title, artist, album title, difficulty and of course the song chords/tabs itself.
  • Refer to some songs on UkuTabs for the correct formatting of the songs.
  • Paste your chords/tabs as flat text (for example out of notepad or texteditor, not Word)! This to make sure that brackets, points, breaklines, spaces... are send correctly to the backend editor.
  • Do not forget to add the correct amount of spaces (not tabs!) between chords above the lyrics. Also add the correct amount breaklines between parts.
  • Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Interlude, Intro, Outro... should be written down like this, first letter capital followed with a colon.
  • Use sharps (#) and not flats (b). Do not include slashed (e.g. C/E) chords.
  • Songs with swear words in them are not allowed.

Songs will not immediately be made available on UkuTabs as I make it my priority to ensure quality chords/tabs for songs here on UkuTabs. So I will always review every submission before posting. If all guidelines for every field are followed, and it sounds good, it should go quite smoothly.

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