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First and foremost, thank you for adding a song to the UkuTabs database!

To submit a song with chords and/or tabs, please fill in all the fields below.

  • All are required: song title, artist, album title, album image, difficulty and of course the song chords/tabs itself.
  • Look at some songs on UkuTabs for the format of the songs.
  • Paste your chords/tabs as flat text (for example out of notepad or texteditor, not Word!)! This to make sure that brackets, points, breaklines, spaces... are send correctly to the backend editor.
  • Do not forget to add the correct amount of spaces (not tabs!) between chords above the lyrics. Also add the correct amount breaklines between parts.
  • Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Interlude, Intro, Outro... should be written down like this, first letter capital followed with a colon.
  • Use sharps (#) and not flats (b). Do not include slashed (e.g. C/E) chords.
  • Songs full with swear words in them are not allowed.
  • Songs that do not follow the UkuTabs format, have fields filled in wrongly or that are already on UkuTabs will be disregarded by default!

The average approval rate is about 20%! Main reason for disregarding a submission is that it's not pasted as flat text (causing all kinds of weird symbols in the backend editor) + not adding spaces and breaklines properly.

Songs will not immediately be made available on UkuTabs as I make it my priority to ensure quality chords/tabs for songs here on UkuTabs. So I will always review every submission before posting. If all guidelines for every field are followed, and it sounds good, it should go quite smoothly.

If you find any errors in this submission form, please contact me and I'll try to resolve them as quickly as possible. Once again, thank you for helping UkuTabs grow!
  • Exactly as it appears in Spotify, iTunes Apple Music, Including (feat. ...) if necessary.
  • One artist, as it appears in Spotify, Apple Music, Excluding featured artists!
  • Only JPEG! Image size should be exactly 600 x 600 px. File size can not be larger than 100 kb. Choose as file name the name of the album.
  • If the song is a single, enter the song title and add " - Single" after it.
  • How difficult is it to play this song from 1 (very easy) to 5 (very difficult).

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