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    A A A A Asus4 A A
    A A A A Asus4 A   -x2-

  A                   A7
I know -I know- you beloooooong
   D            Dm
To sooooomebody neeeeeew
      A            E       A
But tonight, you belong to me

    A A A A Asus4 A A
    A A A A Asus4 A

  A                         A7
Although -although- we're apaaaaaart
         D              Dm
You're a paaaaart of my heaaaaart
      A            E       A    A7
And tonight, you belong to me

Way down by the stream
How sweet it will seem
     A            Gb7
Once more just to dream
in the moonlight
   My honey,
  A                      A7
I know -I know- With the daaaaaawn
     D           Dm
That you will be goooooone
      A            E       A
But tonight, you belong to me
     E7         A A A A Asus4 A
Just little old me
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  1. if u dont like fm just play a7 <3

  2. nobody:
    tiktok: hippity hoppity this is now my property

  3. september !

    tiktok tingz

  4. this gives me amanda berry and ariel castro vibessss AHH quirky

  5. i like +5 with a capo on the first fret

  6. I LOVE the MonaLisa Twins version of this song! Check them out on Youtube!

  7. I always play Em instead of C for chord 3. I’m pretty sure that’s what is played in ‘the Jerk’

  8. Instead of playing D7 on moonlight, I personally play and think D sounds better

  9. love the song
    the strumming pattern for the intro is du du du (pluck the second string)
    love it!

  10. so i’ve got it mostly down in +5. but my baby fingers can’t play an Fm.
    any suggestions on something easier that can replace it?

  11. Kusler.Uke

    To me the strumming pattern sounds best as D-D-U-D-D-U

  12. Wolfie101 lover

    Who else wanted to lean because of crankgameplays

  13. I personally like to use G for moonlight instead of g7. It sounds better to me.

  14. i find +5 to be the easiest
    also for me its easier to sing along to as well :)

  15. Juantokillmyself

    What’s the strumming pattern?

  16. What’s the strumming pattern ? ?

  17. I find when it is cm it is better as cm7

  18. Instead of playing Cm I play C7

  19. dodie <3

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