Intro: Dm - Bb - F - C

Dm                               Bb
What was that about the ballroom dancing class I asked about
      F                                     C
It's all I've thougth about 'cause you were saying
We might get a chance to talk
and talk my lead to dance
    F                                              C
and maybe dance might lead to dates, and dates to aging

Hope you let your intuition
precede my reputation
         Dm         C
'cause I have one

Dm             Bb
I am what you see
      F             C
I am not what they say
       Dm              Bb
But if I turned out to be
          F           C
could you love me anyway
Dm           Bb
Standing in love,
        F            C
love is hope in your heart will just
Dm           Bb            Dm     C
wake up and ask for me by name
Dm                  Bb            Dm    C                
Maybe someday will ask for me by name
Just not today