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Intro: Db  Bbm  Gb  Ab  Bbm

Db            Bbm                     Gb          Ab 
  One song glory. One song before I go. Glory    
one song to leave behind.
      Gb             Ab              Bbm   
Find     one song,    one last refrain. 
                           Gb       Ab
Glory from the pretty boy front man
    Bbm             Db                        
who wasted opportunity. One song, 
he had the world at his feet.
Bbm                     Gb        Ab    Bbm
Glory in the eyes of a young girl, a young girl.
  Db                                 Bbm      
Find glory beyond the cheap colored lights, 

one song before the sun sets
Gb       Ab        Bbm          Gb   
Glory     on another empty life. 
      Ab     Bbm       Db
Time Flies, time dies.
   Ebm      Gb       Db              Ebm 
Glory--------------- one blaze of    
  Gb Db               Ebm Gb Db
glory. One blaze of glory.
Ab       Bbm Gbmaj7

    Db                           Bbm
Find glory in a song that rings true,
Bbm                      Gb     Ab           Bbm
truth like a blazing fire. An eternal flame.
Db                           Bbm    
Find one song, a song about love. 
                         Gb       Ab
Glory from the soul of a young man, 
a young man.
   Gb              Ab 
Find the one song   
before the virus takes hold, glory like a sunset.
Gb           Ab        Bbm7              Ebm
   One song   to redeem this empty life.
Ebm   Gb   Db                                Ebm
Time flies, and then no need to endure anymore.
  Gb  Db Eb  
Time dies.
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  1. twenty-one-phans

    yesyesyesyesyes how did i not find this until noW-

  2. FesterLoves

    This sounds amazing!!!! Does anyone know a good strum paddern for this?

  3. there should be a G at the end instead of an A or add the G on.

  4. awesome

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