Verse 1:
         Db7        Gbm
I’ve been over the moon for you
Db7           Gbm
Ever since I met you
         D       A     E7
Drew the tar out of my bloodstream
Gbm       Bm       Db7      Gbm
And the salt from both my eyes

Verse 2:
Db7          Gbm             Db7             Gbm
You were on loop inside my soul and in my bedroom
        Bm    A         E7    Gbm      Bm      E7     D
And the blood from your mouth drew my eyes up to the sky

E7      A     Gbm
And on god I love you
D    E7       A         E7
I’ll keep you here with me
   Bm        E7          Db7        Gbm
If I have to fight every devil in hell
              Bm              E7
Then I’ll run out of blood to bleed
Before I lose you

   D A E7 Gbm
   D A E7 Db7

Verse 3:
      Db7           Gbm
Every war has it’s casualties
    Bm            Gbm
And mine are no exception
          D        A         E7
I’ve lost young and handsome soldiеrs
Gbm     Bm        Db7       Gbm
And it haunts me behind the еyes

Verse 4:
      Db7          Gbm
In my most recent endeavors
         Bm           Gbm
I burned six or seven lovers
          Bm            A
They were beautiful and innocent
    E7                         D
But I had to trade them for my life

   E7    A       Gbm
On god I will protect you
D    A        E7        A
I’ll save you from that fate
   Bm        E7          Db7       Gbm
If I have to fight every angel in heaven
       Bm                       E7
I will snatch you back from the grave
             Bm             E7          A
And you will live to see my bed another day

   A Db7 D E7
   D A Db7 Gbm
   D E7 Db7 Gbm
   D E7
   A E7 A E7 A E7 A Amaj7