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Intro/Riff 1
Riff 2
Intro -x7-
We Passed Upon The Stair
We Spoke Of Was And When
Although I Wasn't There
He Said I Was His Friend

   Ab                  Eb
Which Came As a Sur-prise
I Spoke Into His Eyes
I Thought You Died Alone
a Long Long Time a-go

Riff 2 -x2-

 Ab -or Riff 2--x2-
Oh No, Not Me               
    Db              Ab
We Never Lost Con-trol

Eb               Ab -or Riff 2--x3-
You're Face To Face
          Db               C
With The Man Who Sold The World               

Riff 1 -x7-

I Laughed And Shook His Hand
And Made My Way Back Home
I Searched For Form And Land
For Years And Years I Roamed

I Gazed a Gazeless Stare
At All The Millions Here
I Must Have Died Db-lone
a Long, Long Time a-go

Riff 2 -x2-

     Ab -or Riff 2-
Who Knows?
   Ab -or Riff 2-
Not Me
    Db             Ab 
We Never Lost Con-trol
        Eb       Ab -or Riff 2--x3-
You're Face To Face
         Db                C
With The Man Who Sold The World  
Outro: Riff 1
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  1. The riff is what you hear in the original song…played by the electric guitar. It is the backbone of the musical hook for this tune. One of the best things someone can do is to listen to the song with the music(tab, this site) in front of you to reference while you learn your chops. I recommend lots of pausing to ensure you are gaining all the knowledge your after. Most of all make it fun!!

  2. All you do for 4s5 is basically slide over from the 4th fret to the 5th fret and then back to the 4th fret without taking your finger off the string (if that makes sense).

  3. How do I play 4s?

  4. Fish Desseva

    The song’s originally by David Bowie :p

  5. i usually play open a three times and then once on the third fret of thee string

  6. Panda girl- How I usually play it is, finger on the G string 2nd fret, pick just that string 3 times, strum it once with no fingers, then put your finger back on and strum that string harder while you quickly add then take off another finger on the same string but on the 3rd fret. THEN, take all finger off again and strum it once. (my boyfriend taught it to me this way and it sounds better. Hope this made sense!)

    • I do the A string second fret and I play it 3 times then I play it without holding second fret, then I put it back on slide my finger to the third fret of the A string then slide it back then I do an A string without holding the fret again, then reapeat


  7. Panda girl

    What does the riff at the start mean? How do you play that?

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