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Intro -x2-: Bb Gm7

Bb                                Cm
I told you I was looking for some empathy
Well you fooled me
Eb       F                            Bb     Gm7
Just a touch and a thought and I was gone
Bb                                      Cm                                                                                
And now someone’s gonna get to know the better you
When I was supposed to
Eb      F                        Bb  Gm7  Bb  Gm7
Oh, oh, oh why did it have to be you

I guess
Now the next time there’s an opportunity
I’ll tread more carefully
Eb         F                       Bb   Gm7
My heart’s running out of cellotape
You know 
How is it I’ve never felt that way before
Oh, I was so sure
Eb      F                        Bb   Gm7  Bb  Gm7
Oh, oh, oh it wasn’t going to be you

Eb                    D
Why do all the red flags
Gm                     Eb 
Just look like so much fun, oh
I have a habit of
Searching for the damage
To share my love
Eb               D
I promised to be numb
Gm                       Eb 
But somehow you were the one
Now to unwind
F           Bb   Gm7  Bb  Gm7
Months of a good time

Bb                       Cm 
People will tell me that I messed up
And it wasn’t love
Eb      F                        Bb 
And I’m secretly hoping they are right, because
Bb                     -Cm-
Whatever it was it was wonderful
But non functional
-Eb-    -F-
Oh, oh, ohhhh
                           Bb   Gm7  Bb  Gm7
I really hope I don’t love you

Bb Cm F Eb F
Bb Cm F Eb F
This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed.


  1. michelleyun99

    +2 w/ cmaj7 instead of c

  2. Do +2 and change the c to a cmaj7, it sounds really nice

  3. – Bb works better with the A string played open
    – Play the first F in the verses with the G string open
    – If you play Eb as a barred D, don’t. Play it like the diagram
    – The second F is played with the C string on the third fret, but otherwise the same as a normal F
    – Go back into Gm7 after the Bb in the verses

    idk it just sounds better to me that wat

  4. annetheswabbie

    I tuned my soprano a full step down and put the autoscroll on, it was art. SPICY MEATABOLL YASSSSSSSSS

  5. geese.with.wings

    I think Cmaj7 sounds better than Bb

  6. IJustLikePlayingTheUke

    I love this so much! All the other chords I found sound weird, but this sounded right, even on my soprano uke!

  7. YouGotNoJams

    Does anyone know what the strumming pattern is? Please? I need help ;-;

  8. Kylee723

    It’s so much fun to play! I LOVE IT!!!

  9. AmethystTheCat


  10. FrancesIvy

    +2 and -3 are a lot easier :)

  11. lalizzziela

    I love it! The original seems great but it’s a little hard if you’re a beginner, so I think -3 is awesome!

  12. While Dodie plays this song on mostly barre chords which already makes this tab different, the Bb should be a Bbmaj7.

  13. I love this song so thank you for putting it up!

  14. Finally I have wanted to play this for so long. Thanks ?

  15. YAYYY

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