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Intro -x2-: G

G                   B7
I missed you dearly

Thought I was nearly
C                 D7 
there forever, at last together

G                    B7
is our time fleeting?

is even meeting 
C                      D7
a healthy idea, or am I getting too near?

G            B7
don't try to fight it
C           Bb    
I'm here for tonight
and I'll be waiting for you
  Bb         D7   G
until we meet again

G                 B7
I know it's scary

but don't be wary
if we don't have that long
let's not waste it feeling wrong

G                B7
this isn't the end

I'm your lifelong friend
sure it's been a while
but I'll be here when you smile

G               B7
so don't try to fight it
    C        Bb    
I'm here for tonight
and I'll be waiting for you
Bb           D7  G
until we meet again

   C Cm G G7
   C Cm D D7

G                      B7
would you mind staying?
it's getting late, but I will visit you soon
so just try to get through

    G            B7  
and don't try to fight it
    C         Bb    
I'm here for tonight
and I'll be waiting for you
Bb         D7     Em       A7 
until we meet again

I'll be waiting for you
Bb          D7   G
until we meet again.
This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed.


  1. hi i enjoy dodie

    I use cm instead of the the first bb (I’m here for tonight) and db6 in the second (until we meet again (

  2. YasMusicDaddy

    Edim instead of Bbm!!!😃😃

  3. C7 instead of the Bb works pretty well

  4. Some random person hi

    I use Cm instead of Bb :]

  5. lowkey trash

    B could be a replacement for B7, it’s easier for me and sounds almost exactly the same as B7 :)

  6. This is beautiful. I feel though, that changing the first Bb in the chorus to an A, and the second Bb in the chorus to a Cm sounds a little nicer. ?

  7. I use C6 instead of the wonky Bb chord in the chorus. I find it works better than other proposed chords.

  8. hey I’m a little late but I use Cm cause it just sounds better

  9. maddy da singer

    does anyone know a replacement for B7?

  10. Am instead of Bb sounds better

  11. the first Bb in the chorus doesn’t sound right. Any one know any replacements?

  12. I really like dodie clark


  13. Bb should be Cm

  14. Instead of using Bb use Cm, it sounds a lot better

  15. Airen Craig

    I think C7 instead of Bb works and sounds better

  16. Laylawhite

    Bb should be Bbdim7 which is fingers on c and a string first fret.

  17. I would recommend switching the first Bb in the Chorus to A. I think it sounds even better than the Cm

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